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how to make cryptocurrency

How to Make Cryptocurrency Supercharge Your Crypto Knowledge. 

At How to Make Cryptocurrency you will find the latest and greatest thoughts and opinions on all things Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. How to make Cryptocurrency and exciting ways to earn Cyrpto. 

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What is better than investing in Crypto? 

Making Cryptocurrency 

Crypto now comes in many forms

  • DEFI - Decentralized finance 

  • Mining Crypto and Blockchain  

  • Gaming incorporating NFT's and Defi 

  • Cryptocurrency and trading on Crypto exchanges 

  • 3 Major Rules Of Using Crypto

    Warning Crypto is risky this is not financial advise only risk what you are prepared to loose.


    DO not FOMO. Cryptocurrency FOMO is a serious issue in the community, and if you suffer from it, it can lead to loss of money. FOMO is the kind of mentality that gets people investing in ICO scams, scares people into panic-selling the moment a crypto dips, and scams luring in investors then rug pulling after an ICO.

    Research your Own Your Data

    Doing your own research is all about getting different angles and information. Searching through forums, watching You tube videos, talking to people could just get you in trouble. Research trusted tools you use, the higher more confident you will feel in your in making a final decision. 


    Use Trustworthy Platforms 

    There are lots of options when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Start by looking at factors like supported currencies, fees, ease of use, security and more. We’ve done the research to help find best crypto exchanges!

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    Wondering How blockchain Works?

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    The How to Make Cryptocurrency and earn Crypto in 2021

    #1 Defi is the easiest way to earn Cryptocurrency.  

    Defi or Decentralized Finance is based around decentralized applications known a DApps these perform financial functions on distributed ledgers called block-chains. 

    What makes Defi so revolutionary is the ease in which you can stake your Crypto and earn interest. Exchanges like Binance 

    provide staking, trading and liquidity pools but require a KYC.

    Exchanges like Pancake swap and Biswap offer staking, swaps and liquidity pools with no identification needed. 

    #2 Trading Exchanges buy and sell Cryptocurrency Bitcoin ETH and Altcoins

    Trading Crypto currency on exchanges like Binance , FTX , Kucoin requires skill and knowledge both as a trader and requires in depth knowledge of the Crypto landscape.   

    While researching the best crypto exchange for your requirements, it’s important to look at supported currencies, pricing, withdrawal options, tax laws and security. 

    #3 Affiliate Marketing Cryptocurrency

    Opportunity for great marketers to make a mark on the block-chain and Crypto market has never been better. Share your knowledge, passion and experience to a growing audience 

    of Crypto enthusiasts. Blogging, Vloggers and marketers can build an audience and following on Trading, Play to Earn, NFT Art, mining and development. Ever growing niche's for block chain are coming available some not even invented yet. Get started in your marketing business FREE with groove HERE!

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    "Blockchain is growing Crypto is just getting started, Only 0.5% of the world’s population is using blockchain today, but 50% or 3.77 billion use the internet".

    Pro And Cons Of Decentralized Finance "DeFi". 

    DEFI Pro's Smart Contracts

    DEFI helps users to perform token exchanges and trading without intermediaries, no middle man. Online trading services based are on smart contracts.

    DeFi Pro's Staking Pools

    Staking is a type of activity in which you are rewarded by locking your assets in a PoS based network, in exchanged for providing security and confirming the transactions of a blockchain network.

    DeFi Pro's Swaps Feature

    Swaps and liquidity pools anyone can provide liquidity to a liquidity pool and earn more token's this provides liquidity to the swap feature. 

    DeFi Pro's Control

    Users are more in control of their own digital assets and private keys more security options. 

    DeFi Con's Mistake Risk

    DeFi is not free of risks and issues, the user is responsible for any  mistakes. DeFi transfers responsibility from intermediaries to users. If you lose your funds by mistake in many cases can not be fixed. 

    DeFi Con's Locked Liquidity

    It can take days weeks or months in locked liquidity depending on the network that you choose to participate with. If the Crypto market falls you

    may not be able to access funds. 

    DeFi Con's Impermanent loss

    Providing liquidity can lead to impermanent loss the ratio of deposited assets may change due to price fluctuations.

    DeFi Con's Entry Price

    Unlike exchanges users are forced to by spot rates and swaps have no stop loss or buy entry features. 

    DeFi networks for swaps and liquidity pools 

    Sushi Swap

    Pancake Swap



    Up to 100% BACK of the Trading Fee's returned in Biswap - BSW Tokens.

    biswap Defi
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    Pro And Cons Of Crypto Trading Exchanges. 

    Trading Exchanges Pro's Security

    Centralized exchanges offer an extra layer of security and reliability when it comes to transactions and trading. By facilitating the transaction through a developed, centralized platform, centralized exchanges offer higher levels of comfort.

    Trading Exchanges Pro's - Trading Volume

    The majority Crypto transactions are managed by centralized exchanges, this suggests that they are more likely to fill trading volume. Lack of volume on decentralized exchanges can not always fill orders. 

    Trading Exchanges Pro's - Trade Entry / Exit

    Centralized trading exchanges allow traders to time entry and exit positions below spot. Trades can be placed with limit orders and stop losses, furthermore leverage can be used. 

    Trading Exchanges Pro's - Help Desk

    Help desk and training video's on each of the exchanges stated below, help users to navigate the platform lending a helping hand when something goes wrong. 

    Trading Exchanges Con's - Higher Fee's

    Centralized platforms often charge high transaction costs for their services , charges may be very high when dealing in significant volumes. In return for higher charges exchanges offer higher volume liquidity and 


    Trading Exchanges Con's - Fiat Currency

    Not all exchanges allow users to swap back into fiat currency from digital currencies, rendering them less accessible for users who do not already own cryptocurrencies.

    Trading Exchanges Con's - (KYC ) Privacy

    Crypto trading exchanges ask consumers to fill out (KYC) applications, before and after allowing users to trade and withdraw from platform. 

    KYC documentations usually consists of Drivers Licence and Passport. 

    Trading Exchanges Con's Hackers

    Large exchanges house billions in bitcoins and other Alt Coins,becoming target for hacking and robbery. Mt. Gox, had been the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency trading firm until 850,000 Bitcoin was lost. 

    Let's Look at Some Of The Best Crypto Exchanges 


    An international trading exchange that offers a very large list cryptocurrencies, from favorites like Bitcoin and Ether and BNB, the platform’s also offers Defi and liquidity pools.


    Crypto.com provides a broad amount of cryptocurrencies—spot futures staking as well as unique perks, like a crypto rewards debit card for those hoping to optimize for coin-based rewards.

    Kucoin Logo


    Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easier to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, KCS. KuCoin provides access to a wide library of alt-coins at very low fees.

    Crypto.com Trading Plus Staking

    Frequently Asked Questions About Crypto 

    What is a blockchain wallet?

    An extension on your computer or phone  that looks after your private cryptographic keys so other people can't spend or steal your cryptocurrency. It's like your physical wallet but holds your Crypto Keys (code) that proves you own that piece of blockchain. 

    What’s better, Bitcoin or Ethereum?

    Depends on how you want to use Bitcoin or ETH for , gas fee's on ETH is very high and used for Defi, buying NFT's. Bitcoin some people use as a store of wealth other than Gold, El Salvador is using Bitcoin as a currency for its people. 

    Who Controls Bitcoin?

    One of the best advantages with Bitcoin is that it is decentralized. This means it can not be censored or controlled or manipulated by any single governing or centralized party, transactions are mathematically verified by a network of computers and listed in blockchain code. 

    How Do You Buy Bitcoin and Altcoins ?

    To be able to buy bitcoin and other Atlcoins , you will need to sign up to an exchange in a similar way to how you would sign up to a bank account. Exchanges like Crypto.com and Binance allow you to buy. trade and stake Bitcoin and altcoins. 

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

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    How to Make Cryptocurrency

    How To make Cryptocurrency  in 2021

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